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Newly Released Book!!!

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William has a problem we all share.

Should he change himself to please everyone else, or should he rather be himself?

If he chooses to be himself, can he still be special?

Join Lola and Elliot, as they discover whether William, despite being Wonky, can still be special - a delightful journey that imparts a valuable lesson every child and adult deserves to learn.

'William the Wonky Tree' is a timeless, heartwarming story that celebrates authenticity, imperfection, and finding that which is unique and special to every one of us!

Drawing on my personal and professional experience, 'William the Wonky Tree' will resonate deeply with people-pleasers, perfectionists, and mindful parents who want an age-appropriate way to talk to their children about self-determination, self-confidence, and resilience.


William's story highlights the importance of appreciating our whole selves, including the parts that may be a bit wonky!


I hope that you enjoy this really special story and that William finds his way into your heart, as he has mine...

To purchase the book in Israel:

Cost: 40 shekels

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Free delivery in Modiin

Option to collect (no shipping fee) from Ramat Bet Shemesh

Delivery in Israel (excluding Modiin) is a total of 25 shekels per order.

To purchase the book outside of Israel, you can purchase the book on Amazon, click here. Currently, only available for delivery to America, UK, Israel.

South Africa & Australia, we are working hard to find the best way to get the book to you!

Thank you for your support!

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