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Parent Counselling 

Just as parents provide psychological support and hold their child in mind, so too should parents themselves feel supported and held in mind. However, the demands of a child can be so all-consuming that it is not uncommon to forget about the needs of parents. I am here for you and I am also here to help you navigate the ordinary but sometimes overwhelming hurdles encountered in the first years of your child’s life. I can offer intermittent or prolonged support to help you tackle the challenges that come with parenting, so that you can become and be the parent that you would like to be.  

Children don't need perfect parents. They need parents who are interested in discovering who they are and what they need.

Pregnancy & Preparing for Birth
Adjusting to Parenthood
Parenting Babies, Toddlers & Children

Types of Counselling available for parents


Pregnancy & Preparing for Birth

Pregnancy is about change and transformation.


It is a time of immense growth for your baby and yourself, as you acquire a new 'parent' identity and make space for a new baby in your (and maybe your partner's) life.


Pregnancy offers an opportunity to prepare for the changes that a new baby brings and to think about the kind of parent that you (and possibly your partner) would like to be.


Sometimes, this includes working through your own experiences of being parented, so that you can be more intentional and conscious about your own parenting approach.


Sometimes, this includes thinking about your relationship with your partner and how you will navigate parenthood as a couple, while staying connected to each other. 

As the due date nears, you might also be triggered by many feelings about the birth. Birth can prompt anxieties related to pain, separation, as well as life and death.


Counselling offers an opportunity for you (and your partner) to work through your thoughts and feelings, and prepare for the journey that lies ahead.


Adjusting to Parenthood

Becoming and being a parent is an enormous adjustment, and it can take a while for life to feel 'normal' again. A new baby brings about changes in how you see yourself, your partner, and your relationships with others.


Counselling can offer you (and your partner) support at a time when you may be feeling particularly vulnerable and fragile. It can also offer a space to think about you and your baby, and all of your needs. 

A baby's needs and cries can be very all consuming, and they may provoke anxiety, stress and/ or anger in any parent, which can be very difficult for parents to experience.


Parents may also worry about their ability to meet their baby's needs, or struggle to bear their baby's cries, and may end up feeling rather hopeless and helpless themselves.


Sometimes, this can lead to post-natal depression or anxiety in mothers and fathers. If you are struggling with the adjustment to parenthood or simply needing extra support, I strongly encourage you to access support and help, so that you are not alone in caring for your baby and you can have someone looking out for you too. 



Parenting Babies, Toddlers & Children

No one can ever fully prepare you for the role of 'parent'. It is a life-changing experience that often requires learning on the job!

The challenge is that we may not always be equipped with the tools that we need to navigate the various hurdles that come with raising a human being!

Counselling offers a space for you.

It is a space for you to feel supported, thought about and understood. It is a place for you to explore the approach to parenting which feels right for you. It is a place for you to ask questions and share your concerns about parenting and your child. It is a place for you to feel seen and heard, so that you can then mirror this experience for your child. 

It is difficult to give our children an experience that we have not had ourselves. When you feel supported and have your needs met, you will likely be better able to understand your child and attend to your child's needs.

The relationship between a child and parent is precious. Together, we will give your relationship careful

thought and care.

The value of parent counselling is that relatively short-term work can have a lifelong impact on your relationship with your child. 

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