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Image by Elisa Ventur


Are you feeling stretched beyond your capabilities, overwhelmed and out of control?

Stress is the all too common experience of being in a highly pressured situation that feels unmanageable. 


It can manifest mentally, emotionally, physically, and behaviourally. 


On a mental and emotional level, stress can make it hard for you to regulate your emotions, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and on edge. You also might be more irritable than usual and struggle to problem-solve and keep track of things.

On a physical level, stress may be experienced as pressure on your chest, tension in your neck and shoulders, headaches, teeth grinding, problems with your stomach and digestion, weight changes, changes in your sleep patterns, and/or changes in your sexual desire. Behaviourally, stress may also cause you to seek out drugs or alcohol to help you cope with your stress.


There is a vast difference between stress that motivates us and stress that unravels us...

We live in exceptionally stressful times. We are surrounded by potential stressors and people are being stretched to their limits by the multiple demands placed on them daily. Although we can't always remove the source of stress, having a space to attend to your stress can help you care for yourself and obtain the tools and resources that you need to change the circumstances that can be changed, and feel better able to cope with the circumstances that can't. 

'Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.'
                                                            Sigmund Freud

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