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Your Work and Career

For most people, work is where they spend most of their time.

Job and career satisfaction is essential for mental health and general well-being.

Although work-related difficulties can be incredibly stressful and unpleasant, they also offer the opportunity for you to enhance your self-awareness, focus on your self-development, and work towards building a satisfying and rewarding career.

Image by Marissa Grootes
Image by Jason Goodman

You at work

When you go to work every day, you take yourself with you.

This may seem like an odd statement, but it reflects the fact that you are so much more than the tasks you perform at work. You are a person with dreams, values, goals, and interests, and you have a way of being in the world and interacting with others. 

It takes continued self-reflection and effort to work effectively with others and develop an authentic self that feels confident, can ask for help and support, and is ready to advocate for you and what you believe in.


Counselling offers you a space to acquire new insight and strengths so that you can build a career that you are proud of.

In counselling, I can help you with issues related to:

  • Lack of direction or clarity in your career path

  • Anxiety related to changing careers

  • Self-confidence and impostor syndrome

  • Communication in the workplace

  • Conflict in the workplace

  • Procrastination and attention difficulties

  • Setting appropriate work-life balance boundaries

  • Leadership and managerial issues (working effectively with your team, managing conflict, and the like).


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